ROI of a Digital Asset Management System

According to research, the average creative professional spends about a third of their time searching for media assets for projects and spend on an average of 1 out of 10 hours on file management. Digital Asset Management (DAM) not only saves time but it also saves money. Research shows that the ROI (return of investment) of implementing a digital asset management solution is between 8:1 to 14:1. The ROI of a digital asset management solution comes from reducing labor costs, reducing time spent on searching for media files and repurposing current media. Any professional who works with digital assets regularly, should be able to relate to this type of asset management. Professionals such as photographers, web designers, web developers, marketing professionals, sales reps and designers in general can easily spend hours trying to find a particular media file to complete a project or a sale. With a DAM (Digital Asset Management) system, searching for important media files becomes less of a time consuming task while also allowing you as a professional or even an organization to increase production completion.

In our ever changing and growing society, new technologies are discovered on a daily basis bringing more media file types to the table to manage. How do you manage billions of digital assets generated on a daily basis? You manage them with a digital asset management system.

Ready to start managing those assets?