Frequently Asked Questions

Below are a list of frequently asked questions we have been asked regarding our product. If your question is not listed or you did not find your answer below, feel free to contact us . We'll be more than happy to answer any questions you may have.

What types of assets are supported?

Our product supports managing audio, document, image and video assets.

Is Pixfolia web-based or is it available as a desktop application as well?

Our digital asset management system is completely web-based with the exception of a client application that allows system administrators to perform initial importing of digital assets.

Are imported assets stored in the database?

The assets managed by Pixfolia do not reside within the database but are stored in a location of your choice.

Is there a limit to the number of assets that can be stored or managed?

There is no limit to the number of assets that can be stored or managed by our solution. The limitation is strictly based on storage capacity.

Does Pixfolia allow for bulk importing of assets?

Yes, the Pixfolia user interface does allow for bulk importing of assets either by selecting multiple assets at one time or by using a single archive (.zip) file for batch imports. We also offer a desktop client application (Windows only) that allows for bulk asset imports.

Metadata that currently reside in assets, is it automatically imported along with the asset?

Yes. All the metadata embedded within assets imported into Pixfolia is automatically extracted from the asset and imported into the database and made ready for quick and easy searching.

How many servers can Pixfolia be installed on when purchased?

Only one installation is allowed per licensed purchased per server. If you require Pixfolia to be installed on more than one server, you may contact us to receive more information on licensing for multiple servers.

How much does Pixfolia cost?

With the understanding that every client's need is different, our pricing is strictly based on that - the client's need. We do however provide an discount for educational organizations or institutions.

Do you offer Pixfolia as a hosted or cloud solution?

Yes we do offer our clients the ability to host Pixfolia externally to reduce initial costs. If you would like to purchase and host Pixfolia as a SaaS solution, contact us .

Do you offer any reporting tools?

Yes we do offer reporting through our Analytic Reporting Service (ARS) that retrieves statistics on both users and assets. For example, user logins and role statistics, general asset statistics such as deletions, statuses and restrictions just to name a few. All of our reports are exportable to Microsoft Excel for offline viewing as well.

Upon purchase of Pixfolia, do we have access to the source code?

No we do not provide the source code of our solution when it is purchased. If customizations are needed to fit your digital asset management needs or workflows, a customization request must be requested.

Do you offer support?

Yes, we offer various customizable support plans to fit any budget, including 24/7 email and phone support.

How can the support team be contacted?

Our support team can be contacted by submitting a support ticket here.

Are special browser plug-ins required on individual workstations in order for Pixfolia to work properly?

There are no special plug-in requirements on user workstations in order to have access to the system or for Pixfolia to run properly.

Are there previews of assets within the search results?

Yes, when assets are imported into Pixfolia each asset is converted into a low quality preview to help preserve storage.

How are users registered to access Pixfolia?

Administrators or individuals who have the right permissions have the ability to either allow for open registration on the login screen, bulk user import or manually enter users into Pixfolia.

How are users authenticated?

Users can either be authenticated through our secure login system or through Active Directory.

Are users automatically granted access to the system after registration?

Administrators have complete control over who has access to the system. If system administrators require user approval, new users will not have automatic access until they are approved.

Is there a limit to the number of users that can have concurrent access?

No, there is no limit to the amount of concurrent users. Pixfolia was designed to handle as many concurrent users as needed.

How many users are allowed to be registered within Pixfolia?

The total number of users registered within Pixfolia is determined by the initial purchased license. If more users are required after purchase, a new license can be purchased to accommodate the number of users needed. Re-deployment is not required if an upgrade is needed.

How are permissions handled within Pixfolia?

There are various predefined system permissions that can be placed within a "bucket" called a Role. Roles can be customized (name and permission associations) and applied to a single user or multiple users. Pixfolia allows for complete user permission customizations giving administrators the control they need.

Are orders allowed to be placed within the system and can orders be turned off if necessary?

Yes, our solution does allow for ordering assets through our Order Processing Service (OPS). Asset ordering can be denied or turned off by an administrator at anytime.

Can you limit the number of assets that can be ordered at one time?

Yes, our solution does allow for limiting the total number of assets that can be ordered at one time.

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