Why Choose Pixfolia

With digital media creation constantly growing, managing assets can sometimes be a huge headache. Especially when it's crunch time to complete marketing material and other important tasks. Adding to the stress of managing those assets there is also the pain-staking task of tracking and sharing assets with ease. That's where Pixfolia comes in to save the day.

Ease of use

Pixfolia provides users with a clean and user-friendly interface allowing them to work with assets without confusion of working with a new system. When we designed the user interface, we kept the user in mind by putting ourselves in the shoes of the user to see what the user would experience. Keeping the user interface simple and clean allows assets to be the main focus putting assets center stage creating confidence in managing assets.

Core benefits

Although every organization has different needs, here are just some of the solutions we can provide. View our digital asset solution features .

  • Determine levels of access to certain assets based on departments.
  • Easily track asset creations, views and sharing within an organization.
  • Quickly find assets with detail search criteria.
  • Team members can collaborate on assets to determine which assets are to be used on a particular project.
  • Provide stakeholders the ability to find what they are looking for without the direct involvement of internal personnel.
  • Control who, how and when assets are used.
  • Organize assets without restrictions.
  • 100% web based digital asset management solution allowing for easy access to work from anywhere without OS (Operating System) dependency 24/7.
  • Streamlines metadata driven workflows to reduce repetitive tasks to save time and money.

Custom Deployments

One of the biggest decisions in choosing a digital asset management solution is determining the way it needs to be deployed in-house. Many IT professionals who are involved with the process of choosing a solution inquire about the ability to customize the deployment that fits their current needs. To help with the need to customize a deployment we have taken core functionalities and placed them into standalone services allowing for custom deployments that fit organizational needs. We understand that every installation is different due to different needs. For example, one organization may use a digital asset management solution to mainly distribute their assets while another organization may use it to simply manage their assets internally without public access. Either way our ability to allow organizations to customize their deployments removes the concerns of how their new solution should or would be deployed on premise.

Service Security

There is no need to worry if your assets are secure. We are always upgrading our product to ensure the security of our client's assets. Below are just a few of the features that come with Pixfolia.

  • Secure and encrypted URLs using the Rijndael algorithm
  • No sharing of client server/service resources
  • No sharing of asset storage
  • No sharing of database content

Core Technology

The core of Pixfolia was built using Microsoft technologies which is well-known for its proven stable platform and well designed architecture for developers to build solid business solutions. Our solution was designed with extensibility in mind to allow our solution to never fall short of using the latest and greatest technologies. With that in mind, our solution will always be ready for providing our clients with the best solutions to their needs.

Development and Customer Service

Those who are in need of a digital asset management solution have hundreds of choices to choose from. But one of the main things outside of a pretty face, price and a good sales pitch, the solution must work properly to fill a void and to solve a problem. That's why our team of software engineers work countless hours to ensure that we provide our clients with the best and most solid solution to fill that void. Our focus is the client and providing a solid solution. We understand that without a solid solution any business solution falls short in satisfying the original need. We take great pride in being the hero so we listen to our client's needs and work with them until their needs are met.

Ready to start managing those assets?